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Fairhaven Class Battlecruiser by planetrix15 Fairhaven Class Battlecruiser :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 1 2 Moon Shear Redux by planetrix15 Moon Shear Redux :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 0 0
The Deep, Part 1: Into the Wood
The forest surrounding The Kingdom of _____ had been called many names by those who lived in the cities. Poets called it “The Forever Forest”, Maps and historians “The Ӓlder Woods”. The King decreed its official name to be “His Majesty's Wood” in a vain effort to assert some human control of the most inhuman place on earth.
Those who lived in the small towns near the edge of the forest on the other hand and only ever called it by one name, The Deep. for you see in this world there are no oceans, no bodies of water larger than a small lake. Instead there is the forest, a vast unending stretch of trees surrounding the kingdom on all sides.  The trees near the edge were mostly pine and birch no taller than a low tower and was populated by the normal fare of game, wolves ,deer, and the occasional black bear. But the further you strayed the taller the trees grew, until they towered over even the mountains and the creatures that roamed these dep
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Of Blood And Sorcery: Part 2
Excerpt from Encyclopedia Magi, page 1200 sub section F: Transmutation, Minotaurs.
Contrary to popular belief among non-Mages a Minotaur is not necessarily a Bull-headed man but actually any Human animal Hybrid created through Transmutation. Minotaurs differ from Chimeras in that the wild animal is the base rather than the human and they possess the ability to change their appearance to that of an ordinary human at will.
The earliest known mention of a Minotaur is in the Greek legend of Theseus. This Bull headed example is responsible for much of the misconceptions surrounding its kind. While this example uses a bull as its base the most common animal used is actually the dog as it results in an extremely loyal and versatile companion.
Since the invention of multi-cast spells in 1304 there have been limited reports of hybrid Minotaurs, hybrid in this case meaning the use of multiple animals as a base and in rare cases multiple humans as well. These Minotaurs are particularly da
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Of Blood And Sorcery: Part 1
Excerpt from Encyclopedia Magi, page 1456 sub section C: Taboo Magic’s, Blood Sorcerers.
Blood Sorcerers are the oldest known class of mage, appearing as early has 245 BC. It is believed that the first Blood Sorcerers, or Prima Magus as they are called in Latin, used primitive Runes and Wards to better chase, hunt, and trap game. Modern Blood Sorcerers use their heavily enchanted blood to cast all manner of Spells, Curses, Runes, Wards, and Charms the power of which goes unmatched by any other class of mage. However, due the amount of magic energy in their blood, most individuals can expect a normal life span of only 30-40 years. This reduced life is caused by the strain that enchantments place on living tissue and affects Chimeras and Minotaurs as well. However it also means that Blood Sorcerers develop much faster than ordinary humans, sometimes reaching a mental age of 16 at the age of 4 or 5.
Since the introduction of elemental magic, Blood Sorcerers have been ostraci
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AIM-160 Screamer Redesign by planetrix15 AIM-160 Screamer Redesign :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 0 0 M-105E4-1949 by planetrix15 M-105E4-1949 :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 0 0 M-80D Paladin 4K by planetrix15 M-80D Paladin 4K :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 0 0 M-80D Paladin Super Heavy Assault Tank by planetrix15 M-80D Paladin Super Heavy Assault Tank :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 2 0 FM-90E Scorpion by planetrix15 FM-90E Scorpion :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 2 0 FM-90E Scorpion 3 by planetrix15 FM-90E Scorpion 3 :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 0 0 FM-90E Scorpion 2 by planetrix15 FM-90E Scorpion 2 :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 1 0 FM-90E Scorpion by planetrix15 FM-90E Scorpion :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 1 0 Methuselah Troop Transport (Ray Shields activated) by planetrix15 Methuselah Troop Transport (Ray Shields activated) :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 0 0 Methuselah Troop Transport by planetrix15 Methuselah Troop Transport :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 0 0 Darth Vader's Saber Close up 2 by planetrix15 Darth Vader's Saber Close up 2 :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 0 0


Fakku You by Megaburritozilla
Mature content
Fakku You :iconmegaburritozilla:Megaburritozilla 38 2
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Fairhaven Class Battlecruiser

Fairhaven Class Battlecruiser



5 2x 8in/55 Caliber Semi-auto Loading Turrets

Range 23 Nautical Miles

Muzzle Velocity 3,200 Feet per Second

Rate of Fire 7 Rounds per Minute

11 2x 5in/38 Caliber Dual Purpose Artillery

    Range 8-10 Nautical Miles

    Muzzle Velocity 2,600 Feet per Second  

    Rate of Fire 15 Rounds per Minute

Anti-Aircraft Artillery

25 Quad 40mm Bofors

17 Dual 20mm Oerlikon

8 Single .50 Browning M2

3 Dual .50 Browning M2


4 5x Mk14 Torpedo Launchers

2 Mk14 Depth Charge Launchers


3x OSU-2 Kingfisher


Maximum Speed: 38 Knots

Cruise Speed: 17 Knots

Range: 8,450 Nautical Miles

Displacement: 22,000 tons

Length: 826 feet

Beam: 123 feet

Draft: 24 feet

Armor: Up to 10 inches (Classified)

Proposed in 1942 in response to a US Navy request for a heavily armed escort ship, the U.S.S. Fairhaven was perhaps the most powerful heavy/battle-cruiser ever designed. The proposed ship had to be able to protect convoys from German U-boat attacks as well as be prepared to deal with any other potential German Navy threat in the Atlantic. Several designs were submitted, mostly Battleships, but is was the Bethlehem Steel Company’s Battlecruiser design that was chosen. The ship was rushed through production with a mere 2 years 8 months from order (March 5th 1942) to commision (October 7th 1944). Though by the end of her production the threat she had been designed to defeat, the Kriegsmarine, had all but vanished. The ship served only 4 months of the war escorting convoys across the Atlantic and fired her first, last and only shots of the war in celebration of Germany’s surrender in 1945. The Fairhaven served the U.S. Navy as an escort until August 18th 1962 with her decommissioning and assignment to the reserve Fleet, finally being stricken from the Navel Registry and scrapped on May 3rd 1984.

The failure of the Fairhaven was due almost entirely to poor timing. Had the ship been commissioned prior to the war she may have had time to serve in the Atlantic as a deterrent against U-boats. As it stands her late entry into the war saw her without an adversary in the theater for which she was intended. Despite all this the ship represented the pinnacle of late war Cruiser design. Although she couldn’t match the raw rate of fire of her younger sister the Des Moines Class, her specially designed High Velocity 8” guns were  better at penetrating armor and possesed longer range than some contemporary battleship armaments. Combined with heavy Triple A and full suit of state of the art sensors, range finders, and fire control systems There were few ships that the Fairhaven couldn’t match in battle. Indeed perhaps the only fight in which the ship did not possess decisive advantage was one against a modern Battleship. While she did have more armor than most cruisers, enough to be called a Battlecruiser, the Fairhaven was unlikely to stand up to modern 15” or 16” gunfire. But her superior speed and impressive range and penetration characteristics would still have proved useful if used correctly.

Ultimately the Fairhaven would disappear quietly into the annals of history, never to test the might of her guns or the thickness of her hull.    

Link for 3D Model:                

Moon Shear Redux
On the night of a full Blood Moon, a blade of pure Moon Silver Forged in hellfire, quenched in holy water and left cool in a mold of graveyard clay, such is the legend of Moon Shear's creation. True or not the result was an epic weapon. Said to glow white hot in the presence of Moon light it is said there isn't a being living or dead, holy or unholy, that is safe from Moon Shear's edge. Such is its ability to bring death those who've wielded the blade say the weapon reacts to a strong foe, guiding their hands in battle and engulfing their enemies in silver fire. Perhaps Moon Shear is more myth than reality or, perhaps there is more to myth and legend than first meets the eye.

Decided to Redesign Moon Shear using some techniques I've learned since starting, Really happy with it.
The forest surrounding The Kingdom of _____ had been called many names by those who lived in the cities. Poets called it “The Forever Forest”, Maps and historians “The Ӓlder Woods”. The King decreed its official name to be “His Majesty's Wood” in a vain effort to assert some human control of the most inhuman place on earth.
Those who lived in the small towns near the edge of the forest on the other hand and only ever called it by one name, The Deep. for you see in this world there are no oceans, no bodies of water larger than a small lake. Instead there is the forest, a vast unending stretch of trees surrounding the kingdom on all sides.  The trees near the edge were mostly pine and birch no taller than a low tower and was populated by the normal fare of game, wolves ,deer, and the occasional black bear. But the further you strayed the taller the trees grew, until they towered over even the mountains and the creatures that roamed these depths ceased to obey the laws that governed world outside. There was once a time when men and women ventured into The Deep to uncover its secrets, guided mystical Women known as Shepherds. But that time has passed and it’s practices fallen into legend. Today the only people to travel into The Deep are the Woodsmen, who travel just past the safe zone to harvest the trees beyond, whose bark and wood is almost as hard as iron. It is here that our story begins, in a small town called Watchpoint with the two brothers Atlas and Renild one of which will reshape this world and the other which will be the spark by which it is reshaped.

Part One: Into the Woods  

“We really shouldn’t be here!” Renild’s voice sounded even higher in a whisper, betraying his age.
“It’ll only be fer a bit, now hush up and follow me.” Atlas’s whisper was barely that as he found it difficult to lower his baritone as much as his twin brother. The two boys were hiding behind a squat fur trees some 50 yards behind the border fence that marked the end of Rowen Forest and the beginning of the  Ӓlder Wood. The only people to regularly cross this line were the Woodsmen who supplied their trade further within. Most normal folk were wise enough to give the  Ӓlder Wood and its unnatural inhabitants a wide berth. But Atlas was rarely concerned with what was wise and instead was far more interested in what was forbidden and dangerous, and traversing The Deep was both.
This fascination with breaking the rules, and indeed with the  Ӓlder Wood itself, began the moment Atlas first learned to walk. When he would try to escape the watchful eye of his uncle and follow his father on his excursions. Failing in this he would set about harassing the local townsfolk by letting the chickens out of their pens or loosening the wheels on the merchant’s carts. And always behind him, following and whispering doubt, was Renild.
Renild had been the opposite of his brother from the day he was born. While Atlas would always eagerly gulp down the milk from the midwife's breast, Renild had to be gently coaxed. He only learned to walk after Atlas became too mobile to be followed on all fours. When he was older he always hung in the shadow of whoever was in charge, his uncle in his father’s absence and Atlas in uncle’s. Fourteen years later not a thing had changed.
Atlas surged forwards ducking from tree to tree pausing only slightly to peer around each trunk. Renild hurried behind, head swiveling watching for anyone, or anything, that might take an interest in them. The two boys kept up this awkward advance for almost ten minutes when Atlas came to sudden halt, causing his brother, who was too busy being observant to notice this new development, to run into his back. Atlas barely shook from the impact, too focused on what he had seen to care. Renild peeked out from behind his brothers back. Standing not 10 yards away, snuffeling at the base of a tree, was a wolf. Well not exactly a wolf, it’s rear legs were far longer and more muscular than its front and it was far larger than any wolf had any business being. Even more than this Renild noticed that the longer he looked the more strange details he could make out, the beast's fur was not fur but rather rough interlocking scales, not unlike bark. Its scales rippled rhythmically almost as if they were breathing. None of these details made Renild any more comfortable with the situation, quite the opposite in fact. An aura of primal ferocity and wildness wafted of the beasts presences, suffocating the air around it, causing every nerve ending in Renild’s skin to twitch as if to pull him in the opposite direction.  
Of course Atlas could care less about instinctual self preservation and began slowly sneaking towards the creature.
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?” Renild whispered urgently “WE SHOULD GO!”
“Hush! I just want to see it’s face, haven't you ever wanted to see what an Ӓlder Beast looks like close up?” Renild couldn’t think of anything he had ever wanted less but the only thing stronger than his desire to get out the wood was his desire to stay by his brother’s side. He started to step after his brother, who was now moving sidelong to get around the beast's flank. The two continued for an agonizing minute creeping on the outskirts of the creature’s field of vision. The closer they got to its front the more unsettled Renild became, the more he saw the more he realized that nothing about the creature's appearance was as it should be. It had some kind of main but the hair, for it was hair and not fur, was long and silky and hung down nearly to the ground. Its snout wasn’t long enough and looked pale and soft, almost like skin. When they were about to round the point to see it face Atlas froze, Renild too focused on paying attention, for the second time in as many minutes collided with his brother. This time Atlas, who upon seeing the face of the creature had become unsteady, stumbled forward, rustling through the dead leaves and sticks of the forest floor. The Beast’s head snapped in their direction and Renild saw the face that would haunt his dreams for years to come.

The face of a young woman gazed back at them, but it wasn’t quite a woman, the eyes were large pale disks with beady pupils and its features were gaunt and twisted in an unnatural way. As the face stared them down, it began to smile. Its mouth split open, extending almost halfway down the beasts neck, thick sinus of muscle criss crossing its cheeks. And then it laughed. A perverted amalgamation of a girlish giggle and an inhuman warble.
This was about as far as Renild could remember. All he knew was that he ran, he ran further and faster than he ever had in his life and he didn’t stop until he was trembling in his Uncles arms. For weeks after he was have dreams of the beasts face, its corrupted mockery of laughter filling his ears. The nightmares were of course terrible, but he would come to cherish them, as they were the only place he could see his brother. For years he avoided the edge of the Ӓlder Wood, for the fear that if he looked into its depths, he would see the face of a young woman staring back from between the the shadows.
Excerpt from Encyclopedia Magi, page 1200 sub section F: Transmutation, Minotaurs.
Contrary to popular belief among non-Mages a Minotaur is not necessarily a Bull-headed man but actually any Human animal Hybrid created through Transmutation. Minotaurs differ from Chimeras in that the wild animal is the base rather than the human and they possess the ability to change their appearance to that of an ordinary human at will.
The earliest known mention of a Minotaur is in the Greek legend of Theseus. This Bull headed example is responsible for much of the misconceptions surrounding its kind. While this example uses a bull as its base the most common animal used is actually the dog as it results in an extremely loyal and versatile companion.
Since the invention of multi-cast spells in 1304 there have been limited reports of hybrid Minotaurs, hybrid in this case meaning the use of multiple animals as a base and in rare cases multiple humans as well. These Minotaurs are particularly dangerous as they are unpredictable and often possess abilities far greater than that of any normal example. This danger is compounded by the fact that Minotaurs are not bound to follow their masters will as Chimeras are, a wild Minotaur is considered a Class A Enchanted Beast and should be destroyed by any means possible.
As with Chimeras, Minotaurs possess a shortened lifespan although unlike Chimeras Minotaurs can have their lifespan increase by magical means.  

A loud BANG separated the silence for a moment followed almost immediately by a CRACK as the tree’s truck was split from its base. The massive oak shuddered, sank and finally toppled over with a resounding shattering of branches.
Alex lowered his arm slightly, he held it outstretched towards the now felled tree, his thumb extended as if he had just snapped his fingers. The spell worked perfectly. He raised his arm once more, pointing it at an old stone wall about four feet high running the length of the forest. His middle finger extended, resting against his thumb. A cut running vertically up the tip if his finger let out a thin stream of blood, it formed into a sphere and hovered just in front of his thumb. Then, he snapped his finger back. The blob of blood shot forward, creating a miniature thunderclap as it raced towards the wall. The stone structure disintegrated, blasting pebbles in every direction; some of which bounced of Alex himself, a faint red aura appearing in their path.
“Sounds all that hard work has paid off.” Alex turned to see his father leaning against the fence that bordered their property. “Are you defending the family from trees now?”
“Just practicing, you know in case…” he trailed off, knowing better than to finish his sentence. His father just smiled, the lines on his face creasing as if to accentuate his age.
“Come back to the house, your sister wants to ask you something.” His father turned and began walking back to the field that separated their little cottage from the vast woods that surrounded it on all sides.
Alex sighed, his sister always wanted to ask him something, usually relating to some obscure spell or Rune. Even though she wasn’t able to perform any magic she still pretended as though she would one day. A cool breeze danced over his body, causing the scar on his stomach to pulse with a dull pain. Alex looked down, had it really been ten years? The memories of that day were etched in his mind, constantly being refreshed whenever his scar acted up. He put these thoughts out of his mind, He was different now. He had power, yes, it can’t happen again.
As he began the walk back to their cottage, Alex tried to reinforce his confidence. He had learned dozens of new spells, even a few curses. He could fell oak trees, banish wraths, even hold the power of the sun in palm of his hand. But the face of Maximillian still haunted his thoughts, his gaping mouth, and elongated limbs permeating his sleep and crushing the air from his lungs.
“Everything all right?” His father was standing in the doorway looking concerned. Alex realized that he was already back at the house, his thoughts blinding him to his path.
“Yeah, just…thinking is all.”
“Don’t think too hard, you might strain something.” Alex forced a smile, his father’s teasing were one thing that had remained constant through the years, and they never got any better.
“AAAAAAAAALEXXXXXXX!” A shrill voice shouted his name, growing closer and closer until a small soft figure crashed into his body. Alex looked down and saw a beaming face with bright green eyes and a head of tousled red hair grinning up at him.
“Hey there spitfire, causing trouble?” His sister giggled, she’d always liked her pet name.
“Daddy say’s you spend too much time in the woods...”
“Does he now.” Alex looked over at his father, who was making himself busy avoiding eye contact.
“Mm-hm!” his sister affirmed, “So I thought I’d make you spend time with me instead! Then everyone’s happy!”
Alex couldn’t help but grin back. Ever since his sister, Eleanor, had learned to stand on her own two feet she had put them to use staying as close to him as possible. She particularly liked to watch him practice magic. Due to the nature of their power, blood passed down from parent to child, only one member of a given generation could be a scorer. As soon as his father had passed that power to Alex his own powers had begun to wane, and it was impossible for Eleanor or Alex’s elder sister Kara to practice blood magic.
Of course this did nothing to stop Eleanor from trying, and while she couldn’t learn blood magic she had become a rather adept pyromancer, no doubt she was accountable for more than a few of her father’s grey hairs.
“Alright, alright, I’ll go with you, what was it you wanted to ask me anyway?”
Eleanor’s face scrunched up, her nose wrinkling as she tried to remember why indeed she had seen fit to call her brother back.
“Oh yeah! I met someone at school who wanted to meet you, she said she saw you picking me up from school last week and that she thought she knew you!” Alex blinked. She? A girl? He hadn’t had the opportunity to meet many girls, he hadn’t attended school since the fifth grade and excursions beyond the woods were always brief. It was only recently he had convinced his father to allow him to pick up Eleanor from her school and even then only on the condition that they came straight home, no doubt he spent the entire time watching them through a looking glass. That day ten years ago still held power over Alex even now.
“Did she say how she knew me?” Secretly he wanted to ask a lot more, was she cute? Was she his age? Did she seem particularly interest in meeting him?
“Nuh-uh, just that you looked familiar. She said she could wait after school until pick me up again” His sister teetered on her back feet as if she was expecting something for her valiant efforts in relaying this message. Alex wanted to answer but he could feel his father’s eyes on the back of his head, disapproving and suspicious.  
“Eli why don’t you go to the kitchen and choose a pasta for dinner, I’ll join you in a minute.” His father’s voice was calm and slow, as always but Alex could feel something else in it, magic. His father hadn’t left Eleanor the choice of refusing, not that she would notice.
“KAAAAY!” his sister ran off into the other room, and Alex turned to face his father ready for a long lecture about caution and trust. His father let out a long sigh through his nose and said,
“So, what do you think? Are you going to meet her?” Alex was taken aback, he was being given the choice? He was planning on going to see this girl anyway but he expected to have to do so behind his father’s back. He had to take this chance while it was still in front of him.
“Yes I think so.” He paused then added “I mean it sounds like she’s a student at Eli’s school, she might be one of my old classmates.”
“Yes that’s what I was thinking too.” His father looked Alex in eye clearly thinking very hard. “But we must always be vigilant…” After he had rescued him ten years prior Alex’s father had developed a paranoia that those who had kidnapped Alex would try to do so again. At first alex though he was afraid of Maxamillian but he later learned in was that Woman who had attempted to execute Alex that haunted him. Ever since then they had moved from house to house always someplace secluded, he had taken Alex out of school not long after and always maintained a series of protective spells around where ever they were living. And of course he had lectured Alex long and often about the importance of keeping a low profile.
“Even now that your powers are beginning to fully emerge you must not let your guard down.” Alex tensed expecting his father to put his foot down after all. “But you’re not a child anymore and I won’t be around to make decisions for you much longer.” Alex’s stomach panged, it was true while his father was only just entering middle age by normal standards, by Blood Sorcerer standards he was an old man. “I’ll leave this up to you but promise me,” his father put his hands on Alex’s shoulders, “promise me you’ll be safe.”
“I will be” he whispered, not sure what else to say. His father let out a weak smile.
“Good boy, now let’s go join you sister.” His father pulled away and walked into the kitchen, leaving Alex with sense of foreboding that he would carry with him for years to come.  


Alex leaned against the concrete side Seaside elementary. His sister wasn’t due out for another half hour but he had hoped to catch a glimpse of Sam before his sister arrived. Sam, the name of the girl who thought she knew Alex. He didn’t know much besides her name, his sister’s description had been rather lacking.
“She’s blonde and really, really pretty!” Was about all he had gotten out of her. He sighed, in the time he had been waiting he had gone through several theories as to where Sam might have seen him. All he had managed to do was come to the conclusion that she was mistaken and upon getting a closer look at him she would lose all interest. If only his father hadn’t been so goddamned paranoid, he might actually have a social life. His train of thought continued down this track and he grew gradually more frustrated with his father’s actions. He became so engrossed in his fuming he didn’t notice the girl approaching him from the gate.
“Keep that up and your face’ll freeze like that!” Alex started, nearly falling over, his sudden motion must have startled the girl as well as she let out a short peep of surprise, hands over her mouth. But when Alex looked up she was smiling through her fingers. “Sorry, Didn’t mean to scare ya!”
“Wha- oh, I wasn’t...uh” Alex’s mind was stuttering he could only stare at the girl.
“Let’s start again, Hi! I’m Sam, and I’m hopin’ you’re Alex or this’ll be really embarrassing!” Sam flashed a winning smile and held out her hand. Dumbly, Alex took her hand in his but seemed unable to shake it. His sister’s words certainly did not do Sam justice. Standing a little taller than himself sporting a yellow tank top and knee length jeans that looked like they had been shorted by hand. Her figure was pleasing and she looked, at least from the waist neck down, to be a few years older than Alex. But it was her face that captured his gaze, framed by wavy shoulder length blonde hair held out of her eyes by a small black hair pin. Her eyes were a deep amber that seemed to shimmer and dance. Below cute button nose and six almost artistically place freckles on her checks, her broad and effortless grin tied a knot in Alex’s stomach and sucked the wind from his lungs.
“You are Alex, right? I’ve only ever seen you from a distance so I know…” Sam began to blush and keeping her eyes on alex dropped her head slightly, biting her lower lip. This was almost more than Alex could take and he nearly fluffed his response, well more than he would have otherwise.
“I uh, yeah. I’m Alex, that’s me and who are you today?” Alex screamed internally Who are you today? What are your drunk? Come to think of it even if he said it right “how are you today would’ve been weird! His internal ramblings were cut off when Sam giggled, it was a soft sound, almost like wind chimes in a breeze or babbling brook.
“I am Sam today, same as I was yesterday thanks for asking.” She looked up smiling, a tint of red still lingering in her soft cheeks. Alex suddenly became acutely aware that he was still holding her hand and started, drawing his hand away he attempted to regain whatever composure he could.
“So uh, I was just, I was told you wanted to meet me, that you maybe knew me and I figured that maybe I’d come down and see what that was all about, you know just out of curiosity I don’t normally come down here unless I’m picking up my sister from school…” You idiot you’re rambling again but out loud! Just stop talking! “So here I am.” His voice trailed into silence and he put his hands about halfway into his pockets before deciding it would look more natural to fold his arms in front of him. But that might come off as standoffish, maybe I should just let them hang down my side, or maybe…Sam was giggling again. Shit now she thinks you’re weirdo, just let your hands alone!
“I just said that ‘cause I thought you might not come if you thought I was just some random girl” Sam dropped her head again, this time averting her gaze, she rocked on her heels with her hands clasped behind her back. “The truth is, I’ve been watchin’ you for a while, not like in a creepy way but like I’d see you picking up your sister, ‘nd I thought you were really cute ‘nd just wanted to me ya’.” She smiled and looked up at Alex, “I hope that’s not too weird or anything…” Alex, for the second time in as many minutes was shocked speechless but managed to rally himself before the moment stretched too far to be salvageable.
“Oh, I uh, well you’re...really cute too...” Is that what you’re supposed to say? Is it too straightforward? Where do I go from here? More words failed to make there way out of his suddenly Saharan throat and the silence returned . The two stood for a couple seconds that seemed more like dozens of minutes before Sam broke the dead air.
“So do ya’ have phone could I get your number?”
“Oh, uh, no I don’t my father’s really conservative we don’t even have internet.” for the briefest of moments Sam’s bright features became muddied with something darker but before Alex could notice she perked up and tried again.
“Oh I see, old school I can dig that. What about an address, you do have one of those right? So I can send you a letter? It’ll be totally retro!” Alex hesitated, remembering his father's caution and why the moved so often in the first place. But how could it hurt? It’s on girl, besides no self respecting mage would let a high schooler do their dirty work.
“Yeah sure, do you have a pen?” Sam beamed.

Walking back home, Alex barely felt his feet touch the ground. And he couldn’t feel the tick at the back of his brain that wouldn’t stop trying to bring him back down. Well, barely…

Sam stood motionless as she watched the boy disappear down the road. Her endearing smile having vanished the moment he turned his back. She looked down at the scrap of paper in her hand, the two lines of scrawled writing burned into her rentinas.  
Alex’s father looked on, half in awe half in bewilderment as his son inhaled his breakfast at a breakneck pace.
“Got someplace to be?” He chuckled through his coffee, intentionally taking a  long, slow sip. Alex paused, pondering the question.
“Not….particularly. I’m just really hungry is all.” The truth of course was he wanted to write his first letter to Sam. He’d spent the hour before breakfast hyping himself up and the hour before that wonder whether he should write first or wait for a letter to come from her. The issue, of course, was that his father would want to know who the letter was for, why he was sending it, and why Alex had giving a stranger their address in the first place. He resumed eating at a more human speed, shifting his eyes away from his father’s suspicious gaze. Eleanor chewed her food slowly looking between her father and brother.
“Is it ‘coz of Sam?” She blurted out, her mouth still full of oatmeal. Alex shot her a silencing look, causing her to dip her head down to her bowl.
“Ho, ho?” His father looked down his coffee mug at Alex Eyebrows raised. “ Whose Sam?”
“No one, just someone I met picking up El from school.” Alex tried to brush his father off but unfortunately Eleanor had no sense of subtly.
“She has a crush on Alex” Eleanor giggled then shrieked, ducking the dagger look Alex shot her.
“And how did she know of Alex?” Their father’s tone was stern and unwavering. Alex, who had been about the refute his sisters’ claims,  paused.  This wasn’t good, his father was overly cautious as it was, if he though random strangers were observing his family he would uproot them on the spot, even if it was just a high school girl.
“She leaves around the same time as El from school, we just met a couple times when I was picking her up is all.”
“No she doesn’t, she doesn’t even go to my school and you only met her yesterday!” Eleanor blutered, then shrank as Alex gave her a look that could turn water to stone.
“I see..” Their father slowly placed his mug on the table and slowly exhaled. “El, why don’t you get your book bag ready for school.”
“But I’m not done!” Eleanor began to protest but was silenced by her fathers soft gaze, clearly tired of all the pointed looks she’d been attracting she shuffled out of her chair and out of the room.
Alex, who had finished his food stood to take his bowl to the sink. He avoided his father’s eyes and turned to follow his sister.
“When were you planning on telling me?” his father spoke in flat tone, but it was softer than Alex had expected. Even so he didn’t answer and kept his back turned. His father sighed,
“Look Alex I know I can’t keep you couped up in her forever”
“Eventually you’re going to have to start living your life, I know that.”
Could’ve fooled me
“But I don’t want you to feel like you have to lie to me to do so” His father stood up and placed a hand of Alex’s shoulder. “But please be careful, you know the risks.” Alex turned around and looked up into his father’s eyes.
“So you’re not mad?”
“No, I’m not mad. I’m just concerned about you.” His father gave him warm look “I’ve been thinking recently that perhaps I’ve been a bit strict regarding your, our, safety.” Alex was about the blurt something emotional and embarrassing in an attempt to absolve his father of his guilt when they were interrupted by a knock at the door.
Both men looked towards the front door, bewilderment crossing their faces. Alex realized it first, who would know their address and have any interest to come knocking. His father was slower to realize, and much suspicious. He knew what Alex didn’t, that even if someone had their address, thanks to a the ward around the property they couldn’t find it unless it had been given to them by one of its residents.
Alex started for the door but a firm hand from his father held him in place. He looked up to his father and met his stern gaze, he couldn’t read his eyes. His father stepped forward, crossing to the front door in two silent strides. He placed his hand on the wood and Alexed sensed a spell forming, one of inquiry and suspicion to determine the intentions of whoever lay beyond.
As the spell completed, he looked back at Alex, and opened the door. Sam’s beaming face peered in from around his broad shoulders.
“Hiya! Mind if I come in!”      

Excerpt from Encyclopedia Magi, page 1199 subsection F: Transmutation, Chimeras.

Chimeras are the most common of all artificial magic beasts. Originally a cross between a living human and an animal, thanks to laws on the ethical use of magic, modern Chimeras use Homunculi as a base. Chimeras are generally weaker than Minotaurs and are bound by magic to their creators, unable to disobey any command and in fact if cut off from their creators, either by death or dismissal, will die within weeks.
Most Chimeras are used as personal attendants, due to their generally docile nature, although more aggressive examples crossed with predatory animals can make potants fighters. Unlike Minotaurs, Chimeras cannot change their appearance and generally take on the look of a human with a few traits carried over from their animal crossover. [REVISE AND COMPLETE]
Excerpt from Encyclopedia Magi, page 1456 sub section C: Taboo Magic’s, Blood Sorcerers.
Blood Sorcerers are the oldest known class of mage, appearing as early has 245 BC. It is believed that the first Blood Sorcerers, or Prima Magus as they are called in Latin, used primitive Runes and Wards to better chase, hunt, and trap game. Modern Blood Sorcerers use their heavily enchanted blood to cast all manner of Spells, Curses, Runes, Wards, and Charms the power of which goes unmatched by any other class of mage. However, due the amount of magic energy in their blood, most individuals can expect a normal life span of only 30-40 years. This reduced life is caused by the strain that enchantments place on living tissue and affects Chimeras and Minotaurs as well. However it also means that Blood Sorcerers develop much faster than ordinary humans, sometimes reaching a mental age of 16 at the age of 4 or 5.
Since the introduction of elemental magic, Blood Sorcerers have been ostracized and oppressed by other mages. To further compound this Blood Sorcerers have been vastly outnumbered in all eras. This position was due to the fact that all Blood Scorers are decentness of a single lineage.  
Today, after nearly being wiped out in the Purging Wars, there are only 3 Blood Sorcerers in existence. The following articles will cover the history initiation, behavior, and common magic’s of Blood Sorcerers.

Alex closed the thick volume; he didn’t have the patience to read anymore. When he had asked his father why they moved so often and why Alex never went to school, his father had told him to ask the Encyclopedia. The Encyclopedia was not a book in the traditional sense but rather a spell that summoned the information one was searching for. All that was needed was a blank page and an incantation. Alex knew the spell, he’d used it often to learn about the many fantastical beasts that he only saw out of the corner of his eye. But those pages had been filled with colorful pictures and terrifying tales of before the assimilation.  The article on Alex’s ancestors and eventual future, on the other hand, looked long and tedious and had only a small black and white illustration of a deer being trapped in a low level Rune. And a five year olds mind has little patience for such boring reading.
Ever since his initiation when he was one and three quarter years old, Alex had been fascinated by the magic world around him, and furious the he was not allowed to explore it beyond the presence of his father. Only through the Encyclopedia Magi was he able to stand face to face with werewolves, harpies, and Minotaurs. The Encyclopedia had also told him how nearly all of these creatures had been hunted to extinction and then had their memory magically erased. It did not, however, tell him why. At least the pages he had access to didn’t. So he had made it his life goal to search out the few remaining magical beings and find out for himself.
But he couldn’t do that if he wasn’t allowed the leave the house. Not that he hadn’t tried, but his father had placed dozens of Runes around the property to prevent Alex’s escape. None lethal of course, but magical fire still hurt, even if it was only has hot has a warm day in summer. And his father had always managed to lock down new houses even before they moved in. Despite all his scheming, spell casting, and tricks, Alex had never managed to leave the confines of his home.  
But today Alex had a new plan: today instead of evading or breaking free from the traps he would walk straight into them. Well, to be fair that was only half the plan. He had been reading up on Runes, and as it turned out, in order to keep them from going off when anything other than the intended prey entered the circle, Runes had a very specific set of criteria needed to activate. Higher level Runes could identify individual people and target them and only them, they also tended to have much more lethal penalties. But low level Runes, like the ones surrounding Alex’s house, were less capable. Most likely these Runes were triggered by intent. More specifically, blood pressure; anyone who was not supposed to be leaving would be nervous and their blood would show it. So in theory one needed only to act like they were doing nothing wrong and the Rune would ignore them. In theory. Alex knew the Runes that stood in his way were simple, but how simple was up to how much time his father put in them, and that was a mystery. But Alex wasn’t about to let that stop him, he’d been caught leaving before. At the most he would be left without a story that night.
Alex giggled under his breath as he strolled towards the front door, it was silly how his father still thought this a valid punishment. There was a time when the idea of losing his story would be enough to scare him stiff, but he was five years old now- one night without a story wouldn’t kill him.
Before he opened the door, Alex took a deep. The first Rune would be on the handle as it always was. He put his cunning scheme into motion, first by thinking not of sneaking out but of walking through his own bedroom door. That was all this was, just any old door. He forced himself to keep his eyes open, and when he felt as calm as he was ever going to get, gripped the handle…nothing. His plane had worked.
Keeping his excitement from raising his heart rate turned out to be harder than lowering it in the first place, but he managed it. This was where things got tough, there would be three more Runes to deal with. One on the front mat, one three or so feet beyond it, and one at the gate. And Alex had to keep up his charade through all of them. Of course Alex wasn’t thinking this, he was walking. Perhaps a little faster than someone who was supposed to be there, but none of the traps were sprung, no circles with flowing text came into being. Sooner and easier than he had expected, Alex was free.  
    This was not the first time Alex had seen the outside of is home, he’d accompanied his father on outings to practice sorcery and of course during his initiation too. But this was the first time he’d been out on his own, able to go anywhere, do anything. His well-maintained poker face vanished in an instant, and for a moment he just stood in place. The late fall wind breezed lightly over his face; Alex inhaled through his nose taking in the crisp smell. Not even the relative cold seemed to affect him in this moment.
Alex had come out on to a lonely street with nothing but emptiness for miles around. He never knew why every new house they moved to had no neighboring homes, or why the building itself was always the same. The last time he had asked his father to explain he got nothing more than a lecture about “necessary sacrifices” and “accepting the status quo”. Needless to say, Alex neither understood nor cared to learn the meaning behind his father’s words, and had simply nodded and swore to obey the house rules. An oath, Alex reasoned, he had never meant to keep.
Right, he thought, first things first, let’s get moving. Alex pulled a thermos sized flask of light red liquid out from under his jacket. The liquid was, in fact, roughly 6 parts water and 4 parts of Alex’s blood. Fully-realized Blood Sorcerers used blood straight from their veins, but initiates like Alex had to use a diluted mixture to avoid overstretching their manna pool. Even so the highest concentration Alex had ever used before now was 2 parts blood. He had mixed in more this time to ensure he had adequate power if any of the creatures he met were less than friendly.
He opened the top of the flask and willed the mixture out into the air, a thin stream of pale crimson liquid flowed out of the container. For a moment it hung in the air, then, as per Alex’s spell, swirled into two separate masses, turned to vapor, and spiraled down to be absorbed into his shoes. He gave his feet a few experimental taps with his finger. Satisfied, he looked ahead at the road before him.    
Okay, just pick a direction and go. Alex started off at a slow jog, but with every step his feet took him a little further. In no time at all he was covering dozens of yards in one step, they weren’t quite seven league boots, but his spelled shoes would allow him to travel far faster than any bike or car.
After the initial exhilaration of speed, Alex began to regret not casting a ward to protect himself from the constant assault of the wind across his face. It was becoming increasingly difficult to keep his eyes both open and free of tears. In his haste to stop and clear his vision, Alex unintentionally found himself on the wrong side of Newton’s first law.  
As his feet flew out from under him, his upper body continued forward, and without the necessary support beneath it, fell over. Alex tumbled for maybe thirty yards before coming to a rest in a position that would have made any contortionist quite jealous. Only the full body Rune that his father so carefully cast on Alex every fortnight kept him in one piece. As he unwound himself, grumbling under his breath how, if the ward had kept the wind from his face none of this would have happened, Alex failed to notice where he had come to such an unceremonious halt.
He was standing, or lying, in a small town that lay along the road he had been following. Fewer than a dozen homes and a single rundown gas station pot marked the landscape in an area of less size than a football field. A smaller road ran perpendicular to the main street for 200 feet before ending in front of a large white building. Not fancy enough to be a mansion, but not humble enough to be a warehouse, the building seemed to serve as a town hall judging from the flag flying in front of its two large main doors.  
Once Alex was on his feet and ready to observe his surroundings, he became instantly aware that he was not alone. There was no one on sight, but his blood tingled with the presence of sorcery. As he took in the scenery, he tried to see if there were any faces in windows or obvious hiding spots. He didn’t have to look long. Three men came out of the large white building and began to walk the thin path towards Alex. Rather than run or hide himself Alex stood in curiosity. He had read in the Encyclopedia that there were many other types of sorcerers, some who used sand, water and even fire to perform their magic. As the men closed to within speaking distance Alex wondered if any of these people knew where to find the mythical beasts he was searching for. Then the middle man spoke.
“That’s quite the spell you’ve got there junior, this the first time ya used it?” The man had unnaturally broad shoulders that were offset oddly by an almost feminine waist. His face looked like one that had for too long been giving the impression of laughter, but it was the eyes that caught Alex’s attention. They weren’t describable in any ordinary terms. Head on they appeared normal, but shift your head slightly and they would shimmer, never the same way twice, but always with a hint of green. Alex jerked himself out of his silence suddenly aware he had been staring.
“No, I was just in hurry is all.” After hearing the big man’s deep voice Alex suddenly became aware of how small his own was and immediately attempted to lower his tone. “And don’t call me junior, I’m nearly six.”
“Well a’course you are, I never said you wasn’t.” The other two men still had yet to speak; the man to the left was staring somewhere over Alex’s head while the right man just stared at Alex. The boorish gaze of the man caused Alex to lose some of his initial curiosity. Something told him he should leave as soon as possible.
The middle man spoke again. “Ah don’t mind my mates, they’re just a little shy around new people is all.” He paused, the forced mirth on his face slacking slightly. Alex was about to make his excuses when the man’s face snapped back.  “Say, why don’t you show me that nifty trick you used to get here so fast, I’d sure love to see it.”
Alex’s uneasiness vanished at the prospect of showing his spell to someone interested. “Yeah, I’d love to!” Alex hastily brought out his flask of diluted blood, oblivious to the sudden shift in attention as all three sets of eyes focused on him. “My dad says that nobody’s interested in sorcery any more, but I could tell you were, I felt it.”
“Well a’course we love sorcery, don’t we boys!” Neither of the other men confirmed this but the man on the right curled his lip ever so slightly. Alex didn’t notice, he was too busy focusing on casting the speed spell. Once the red mist had absorbed into his shoes he beamed up at his audience, a bead of sweat trickling down his cheek.
The middle man let out a low whistle. “Well that really was something, say what exactly was in that liquid you used there?”
 “Oh that,” Alex ignored the feeling of rising tension in the air around him, “that was some of my blood, mixed with water. I use it to cast all my spells.”
“That’s just what I thought. You know there’s a man who would really love to meet someone like you, he’s just up there in that big house. Why don’t you come with us and I’ll introduce you?”
For the first time since the mention of magic, Alex felt the feeling that he shouldn’t be there. “I-I actually have to head home, my dad will be worried if I stay out much longer.”
“Oh I really must insist.” The man placed an enormous hand on Alex’s shoulder. “The boss wouldn’t like to miss meeting ya.”
Panic rose is Alex’s throat as he realized that he couldn’t move his feet. Too late he saw the man on the right casting a Rune that locked Alex’s legs in place. At the same time the man on the left drew out a long rod that could not have possibly have fit under his thin jacket.
“Now, how’s about you stop stugglin’ and come with us.” The big man grinned, his mouth taking up much more of his face than could be human.
Alex stood in shock, he had long since given up trying to break free. After the three men had brought him into the large white building, he had been handed over to tall thin man dressed in all black. The man, who paid Alex no more attention than was necessary to keep him from running of, led him through a series of corridors and rooms with no determinable pattern. The rooms themselves bore the impression that they once housed grand parties that were only attended by the highest of high society, but had since been forgotten and left to slowly fad into the history. The walls were adorned with portraits of broad shouldered men, some on horseback some glaring accusingly out of their frames. The red and gold paint had faded from the trimmings and door frames and left a fine dust on the floors. Alex couldn’t help but feel sorry for the old building, with its days of grandeur past all it could do was wait for its walls to collapse and its ceilings to cave in.    
After what seemed like half an hour, Alex was brought to a small, high-ceilinged room with nothing but a large rug on the floor. The rug, he noted, had several concentric circles with flowing text shimmering in a counterclockwise motion. Alex knew the words weren’t actually moving, but that a Rune this powerful could affect the mind of whoever stared for too long. He looked away halfheartedly; he knew escape from such a trap was impossible. Unless…
“Wait here.” This was the first voice Alex had heard clearly since entering the building. It was the butler. His voice was soft, but with the unmistakable hint of someone who didn’t think much of his company. “Mr. Matter will been in shortly.”
“Wait.” Alex didn’t know why but he knew the longer he could avoid meeting this Mr. Matter the better. “Where am I?” The man didn’t answer, he didn’t even turn around. Alex was left standing in middle of the small room, alone and isolated.
Alex sat, cross legged, and tried to take stock of the situation. No one’s actually hurt me and all they’ve done is put me in this room. Who is this “Mr. Matter guy anyway? He had nearly convinced himself that everything was alright when he remembered something his father had told him after he had successfully completed his first initiation trial.
“Remember this if nothing else, Alex. If you should ever be separated from me, from our home, use this spell. Even if you think all is well, trust in me and use it.”
The spell his father had taught him right after his initiation. His father went on to make Alex promise to never use it unless he no other recourse. Alex didn’t understand at the time why his father would teach him a spell he couldn’t use. The way his father insisted that he use the spell immediately and then followed up by telling not to use it unless he no other option seemed odd. He had considered trying it out before just to see what it did, but had never gone through with it. The spell itself was simple. His father had called it a luck spell, and although Alex felt in no immediate danger, something about the look of urgency on his father’s face when he made Alex promise told him he should take this seriously. Unfortunately, his blood-water had been taken from him by the man with the large shoulders. Which meant Alex only had one option, use his own blood.
Alex had used his blood to cast spells before, but they had only been simple magics for creating light or warmth. But this spell required a lot of manna to use, and if Alex over stretched his manna pool, he could lose the ability to cast magic entirely. His diluted blood had restricted how much manna he could access with any given spell, but if he used straight blood, he would have full use of all his power.
Alex sat in near darkness, his mind racing. He would have to use just the right amount of blood. But more than that, he would have to control his fear. Fear would inject itself into his magic, charging it making it stronger. He needed to measure and weigh his energies to get the spell just right.
“Right”, Alex stood up, first things first, he would have to find and erase the Rune that prevented use of magic within the ward. Now that he had a plan, Alex felt energized. He could do this! He could escape!  The anti-magic Rune would most likely be far from the center and mirrored along the compass lines, but he need only destroy one to break its affect. Luckily Runes that blocked the use of magic were relatively easy to destroy, as they could only negate spells of equal or less energy than was put into laying them. But first, to find it, Alex focused. He tried to cast a simple spell for sight, manipulating the blood within his eyes. There, he felt it; a draining force coming from right in front of him. Alex opened his eyes and saw a flowery written symbol glowing ever so faintly. Gotcha!
Now came the hard part, Alex put his thumb in his mouth and, before he could hesitate, bit down with all his strength. Pain exploded in his digit, spiking up into his hand; it hurt far more than he had expected, but the pain resigned itself in the back of his mind. To break the Rune he simply needed to overwhelm it with a pleasant reprise. Shaking his head to rid his mind of these thoughts, Alex settled on the first spell he’d ever learned. A simple levitation charm, he would pour more and more energy into it until the Rune couldn’t absorb any more.
Closing his eyes this time, Alex raised his bleeding thumb into the air and willed his blood into form. The thin streams shimmered and danced, shaping into letters for air, sky and freedom. Every time a new letter formed it joined its predecessors swirling in the air. As the spell grew in strength, the four Runes that blocked their effect glowed brighter and brighter. But they did not yield. Alex felt them fighting back. Desperately, he racked his brain for more marks to reinforce his spell. Just a little…more…
A massive thunderclap, the Runes flashed in one final effort to fulfill their purpose, and faded, leaving nothing but a charred reminder of their presence. With their departure, Alex felt an intense pressure he hadn’t been aware of before suddenly relax. He still couldn’t leave the circle, but he would be able to cast spells without opposition. His levitation spell, although the majority of its effect had been canceled, had managed to lift Alex a few inches of the ground. With this new perspective, he was able to see that the ceiling of the room he had been imprisoned in was cracked in several places. This gave him an idea. The nature of the trap Rune prevented Alex from directly destroying it with either his body or magic. But if he could cause the ceiling to collapse in just the right way he could destroy the Rune and escape. Unfortunately he didn’t know any destruction spells. It was possible that the spell his father had taught would help but there was no guarantee. But with a plan and a possible shot at escape Alex felt more than ready to take a chance.
The casting was fairly simple, while the spell required a great deal of manna, Alex needed only a small amount more blood to complete the three spell marks. Rather than glowing like his previous spell, these marks seemed to vibrate the air around them creating a low hum that was matched by the rest of the room. Then, the marks vanished, no flash, no thunderclap. Alex stood with is right hand in the air, a thin trickle of blood snaking down his arm. Nothing happened.
Alex had no idea what to expect. As more time passed he grew more and more anxious. Why had his father been so insistent he cast this spell? Was he actually in danger here? Thoughts like these continued to fill his head, multiplying and feeding on one another. What if he never got out? What if he never saw is family again? The minutes ticked by and still the Rune held him. The elation he had derived from his apparent success had quickly turned to anxiety, fear, and now hopelessness. The feeling permeated his whole body, leaving it tired and motionless. What had he expected? He was only five, it would have taken a fully-fledged sorcerer to escape a Rune of this power. Even with everything he’d learned, even though his father had always told him he was smarter than any adult, he was trapped and there was nothing he could do about it. As this thought entered and refused to leave his head, Alex, for the first time, truly felt powerless. His father had always said he had real talent, well clearly talent and power were not mutually inclusive.
The door abruptly swung open, silent but not subtle. Alex started, his head rising so quickly out of his arm that he sprained his neck and was left rubbing it as two figures walked through the opening. The first person, a women, was dressed like she had just come back from an important meeting, her tie slightly loose and her suit wrinkled around the middle. The second was a man, the same broad shouldered, narrow wasted man who had first spoken to Alex on the street. Inside, he looked even bigger and disproportionate. He had a nasty looking grin on his face, made only worse by the constant smile his mouth seemed disposed to make. The women spoke first, her voice flat and her face untelling.
“So I hear you are a blood sorcerer…” She paused as if she expected Alex to respond. He did not. The women’s lips remained still, but her eyes seemed to flash with annoyance. “Are you aware of why you’ve been put here? Are you even aware of how long I’ve waited for this day?” At these questions the man’s grin widened to nearly inhuman length. Alex realized he couldn’t get away with not answering when the woman’s eyes once again flashed, this time with something akin to malice.
“N-no, I thought tha—” What had he thought? Had he even considered why he had been kidnapped and imprisoned? Before he could try and think of a reason, the woman spoke again.
“What you thought is irrelevant, I’m going to be blunt because I fear we are short on time. The fact is blood sorcery is taboo, and by practicing it you deserve nothing more than capital punishment.” Alex’s head reeled. Taboo? Capital punishment? What did she mean? Whatever it was it sounded bad.  He had always known that blood sorcerers were few and far between but he never knew why, and now that he did, he couldn’t wrap his mind around it.
“Let me do it now, ma’am.” The man spoke, his grin growing even larger. “He’s broken the anti-magic marks, maybe he’ll put up a fight!”
“Calm yourself Maximillian, I’ll be doing it. We don’t want to leave a mess.” Maximillian’s smile vanished to be replaced with a pout. Alex snapped out of his shock, suddenly aware that he may only have moments to act.
“WAIT! I-I’ll…”
“You’ll what?” The woman’s voice only now sported a minimal inflection of impatience. She raised her hand and snapped her fingers, creating a spark that let out thin tendrils of fire that began forming a curse in mid-air.
“I can work for you?” The idea had come to Alex, uninspired and unwelcome. Was that even a plausible bargain? Did people even make that kind of offer, let alone accept it?
“Why would I ever want a sinner like you working for me?” The woman’s curse had reached completion, and Alex knew it would only be seconds before whatever malicious effect it intended struck him down. But all he could do was watch, no spells jumped to mind, no devious plots formed. He just sat staring as the curse’s flames grew brighter and longer. He could feel the heat wafting onto his face and, in the final moment before his end was met, he was forced to look away.
But death did not come, no fiery sending burned his skin. The heat had changed, from a scalding pain to a warm breath. A soft fizzle sounded in front of Alex. When he looked, he saw a tall figure surrounded by a soft light. The figure’s head turned to look Alex in the eye, and smiled.
As the light around the newly arrived member of his execution dimmed, Alex realized that he knew the man standing before him.
“F-father?” He could not manage any more, a venerable tsunami of relief crashed over Alex. It’s all okay now, dad’s here, nothing bad can happen now! As the responsibility of surviving was lifted from his shoulders, Alex lost all remaining control. His first sobs were quiet, but they quickly grew. His father’s luminous hand rested on Alex’s own and its warmth was quick to spread threw his body.
Meanwhile, the woman who had been about to incinerate Alex, stood with her hand raised in the air, the curse ready to cast and yet she hesitated. Her eyes, though notably wider, remained as placid as always.
Maximillian on the other hand was far easier to read. Upon the arrival of the glowing man, he had jumped backwards nearly three feet. Which was impressive considering he had only been standing about a foot in front of the wall. The nearly seven foot hole he had just created was a mere six inches to the right of the door and offered a wide view of the hall beyond. In this hall, Maximillian, still shaking the plaster from his hair, roared with a volume well beyond that of mortal men. As he came crashing back into the room, the woman put out her hand to hold him back, and, like a well-trained guard dog, Max shuddered to a halt.
The quartet stood in silence, Alex at a loss for words, his father standing protectively between the still quivering Maximillian and Alex, and the unreadable woman still poised to strike. Finally after what seemed like several long minutes the woman spoke, slowly and with more than a hint of caution.
“Mr. DeCorde I presume…” The dimly glowing figure of Samuel A. DeCorde gave only the slightest nod in response. “Then I assume you know who I am, and why I can never let you nor your…offspring leave here alive.” At this, Alex’s father shifted his body to place himself in front of the woman’s still raised hand.
“And you must know, Mrs. Creed, that I will never let that happen.” The voice echoed from around the room, not emanating from any one place. Upon hearing the strange utterance, Alex immediately knew the truth, and his elation turned to anxiety. He remembered a special spell his father had shown him not half a year ago. A protective sending, born from hot blood to defend its charge. It sounded impressive, but since it was a spell and not a curse or a Rune, it could not inflict any direct harm on an attacker. It was also ethereal, not truly present, only sustained by spell power and the will of its caster. Alex looked up at the newly introduced Mrs. Creed, it did not appear that she had grasped the full truth behind her new guest. That was their only chance.
Mrs. Creed’s mouth twitched as if she wanted to smile and dismiss the threat, but something kept her from succeeding.
“Well…” She did not give any more warning; like the arm of a catapult, her flaming hand swung down, sending a cascade of fire straight at the sending’s chest. At the same time, Maximillian lunged at Alex, hands outstretched, mouth agape. Alex threw his hands over his face just in time to be saved from a light as bright and scorching as the noonday sun. He waited for the flames to envelope him and for two large hands to rend him apart. But once again no pain came. Unsure of whether or not it was safe to feel relieved, Alex lowered his hands.    
He was being born away, flying at tremendous speed. Looking behind him, he could see the small town quickly shrinking. Below him was a golden stream, forming in the front and collapsing in the back, carrying him to salvation. For a brief wonderful moment Alex thought he was free.
Merely seconds after the last drop of fear had been swept from his body, a thunderous voice cracked across the sky. The words were not in any language that could be translated on paper, they were spell words, their enunciation impossible to make out, but their meaning clear.
“Be Unbound.”  
Even before the last syllable faded, a sound unlike any Alex had ever heard before rose in response. A howl that started low but quickly rose, getting louder and more human but never truly becoming so. The sound did more than just terrify Alex, his benevolent river began to sputter, its speed dropped and it began to lower him to the ground. Even though he knew it would do no good Alex cried out to the rapidly fading sending that had just deposited him on the ground.
“Keep going, don’t leave me!” His voice cracked and trembled, drowned by the impression left by the terrifying howl. A thin trickle of gold wound it’s way up his arm, and then blew away in the breeze. Alex followed it with his eyes and his sight fell on a shadow approaching from the west.
Looking up into the setting sun, Alex saw the shape that cast the rapidly approaching shadow. It was vaguely human shaped, but there was something wrong about it. It flew through the air, its legs extended before it as it quickly descended. As it drew closer, Alex began was able to see what was so unnerving about its form.
The creatures arms swung well below its feet and its wrists and hands were several times too large. It’s back arched high with spiny vertebra poking out at odd angles. Before Alex had time to gleam any more horror from the things appearance, it landed, not thirty feet from him. A huge cloud of dust and debris was ejected into the sky, and for the briefest of moments Alex lost sight of the creature. But almost immediately the monster came crashing out of the dust, loping awkwardly on all fours, and Alex felt true horror for the first time. For years to come, the image of Maximillian’s face, split from ear to eat by a gaping maw filled with all too human teeth, would haunt his nightmares for years to come.
Without even thinking about why, despite the obvious reason, Alex ran. His eyes open but unseeing, blinded, not by fear, but by the most basic human reflex of flight. The creature was gaining quickly and was not slowing, no matter how fast Alex ran, the crescendo of its four legged gallop only grew louder. Then the monster howled, a gut wrenching combination of a man screaming in pain and a bloodthirsty beast read for the kill. The sudden sound startled Alex, even in his unthinking state of terror, and he tripped over his own feet. As he fell to the ground a dark shadow flew over his head. He looked up instinctively; the creature had run over him miraculously not crushing him in the process. But its back hooves had cut Alex’s stomach in a wide circle, the bleeding was light but the cut was deep enough to make him cringe.  Dirt from the ground worked its way into the loose flaps of skin, and a deep ache permeated his abdomen. Alex tried to cover he wound but his hands only brought a searing pain as the sweat from his palms entered his open flesh, so he just clutched his sides willing the pain away.
The beast was now grinding to a halt, its long arms pushed forward as breaks. As it came to a full stop, it started turning towards the spot were Alex lay. As the ache from his stomach subsided Alex opened his eyes, He couldn’t stay here. He slowly rose to his feet, still hunched over slightly, ready to run. Though it’s not like I can out run it, or even fight it. The casting of his father spell had left him magically drained. But I might be strong enough to try something. The beast was now facing him, but this time, instead of charging, it started making a slow circle its head turned to focus on its prey.
“Poor, poor little lamb, lost and never to be found…” Maximillian’s voice echoed as if a dozen people spoke in a unison. “Don’t fight it, let the wolf end your struggle!” The beast laughed, a score of men and women chorusing his voice.
Thoughts raced through Alex’s head; even though the schemes had returned, none of them offered even the slightest bit of hope. Every spell that he had the energy to cast was either useless or would only make the situation worse. And he knew the beast would not wait forever, eventually it would see an opening, and eventually his time would be up.
Just as Alex was beginning to once again lose all hope of survival by rational thought, the beast completed its first full circle around him. As the setting sun shone in its face, it angled its head down, as if to shield its eyes. Alex, teetering on the edge of fight or flight, latched on to the creature’s behavior. It doesn’t look like it’s using its eyes to see…but the sun hurts it. Like a flash it came to him. Why didn’t I think of it sooner! The perfect spell for his situation, so perfect he would kick himself later in life for not using it the moment he was attacked. Slowly, he raised his hand ready to cast. The beast reacted immediately, sure that its prey would be immobilized during its attack. But Alex was not still; he jumped back with all his remaining strength, thrusting his hand out before him. A massive flare of light erupted from his fingers, accompanied by a shrill howl.
“YOU BRAT, I’LL TEAR YOU APART!” The beast howled louder and tossed itself to the right blundering off in an uncertain direction. Alex used the opening he’d made to run, taking care to run in the direction of the sun so as to mask his body heat. “I’LL FIND YOU BOY! NO MATTER WHERE YOU RUN! NO MATTER HOW FAR! I. WILL. FIND YOU.”
Alex never looked back to see if he’d actually escaped, though he must have because he didn’t stop running until the sun had set and his sides were burning. He collapsed in a heap.
When Alex woke, he found himself in his bed with sunlight streaming through his windows. It took him several seconds to realize that the preceding night had not been a dream. He sat, silent, for several seconds. He only noticed his father’s presence when he stood to leave the room.
“Now you know,” his father whispered softly, “Why we can never stay put.” Alex opened his mouth, but froze when he found he had nothing to say. His father closed the door behind him. Alex lay back down. Maybe it was a dream…
He fell back asleep, his hand resting over his stomach covering a large, circular scar.
He woke again that afternoon to find moving van outside and his things in boxes. He merely accepted it. He and his father never spoke of that day again.
Of Blood And Sorcery: Part 1
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