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Breacker SSJ1 by planetrix15
Breacker SSJ1
Nothing new here but this one's special because not only is it from an angle other than straight ahead but this is also the first drawing that i made entirely on my own, no templates no nothing. It happened completely on accident so I doubt I could replicate it.
Super Saiyan Sashi by planetrix15
Super Saiyan Sashi
Sashi is tired of this fight and has decided to end things early.

That hand is my best hand ever and I will cherish it always.
Sashi: Color by planetrix15
Sashi: Color
I gave up on MS Paint, pen and pencil it is.
The yellow highlights are the result of me starting to color using yellow before realizing that she's not Super Saiyan, but I like them. 
Sashi: The Female Saiyan by planetrix15
Sashi: The Female Saiyan
There's actually a lot a backstory behind Sashi but I won't bore you with that. Suffice to say she's the same age as Breaker and, although not initially, around the same strength. She's descended from Goku's line and unlike Breaker she has quite the temper, in fact Breaker is probably the only one she won't immediately drop kick if she gets pissed off, but that's for...other reasons...
She is capable of SSJ1 and 2 and later on in life she can even reach CSSJ2.

Yes, I know the arms look weird.
Yes she has large breasts that is only because the template I used did as well.

Also her hands are in her pockets because I'm lazy and can't draw hands.  

She is called Sashi because sushi and Dragonball names are fun :3
Kaio-ken Kyukyoku (Edit) by planetrix15
Kaio-ken Kyukyoku (Edit)
Breaker in his CSSJ form using a technique called Kaio-ken KyuKyoku or Kaio-ken Ultimate. It works like Kaio-ken in that it boosts the power of the user but differs a great deal in its execution. The technique will apply a x2 boost upon activation but as time passes it will boost the users power exponentially, however after each boost the time until the next also increases exponentially. It works like this...

Let's say you start with the same base power level as Goku at the start of DBZ, 334. After Kyukyoku is activated your power level is 668, after say 2 minutes a x4 boost is applied raising your power level to 2,672 (668x4), after 4 minutes (2 mins squared) a you power level becomes 21,376 (2,672x8), 16 mins a x64 multiplier (up to 1,368,064), after 256 mins a 4096 (up to 5,603,590,144), and so and so on. The time between boosts is not fixed but is based on the starting power level of the user, generally a lower base power level means shorter times between boosts. This means that very powerful people will quickly reach incredibly long times between boosts, it is possible to shorten the time but doing so requires a lot of concentration and there for it is hard to do so during battle. 

While this may sound like a crazily overpowered technique it is also quite risky, The strain placed on the body is directly related to the multiplier. Breaker himself nearly died when he attempted to push beyond a x8 multiplier, but doing so was what allowed him to attain Crimson Super Saiyen. He continues to push himself, while he's never used Kaio-ken Kyukyoku in battle he spends a lot of time in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber pushing the technique to his limits and beyond. 

This took me forever to color and didn't have to patience or the foresight to color his skin, ah well all in good time.   

Edit: Added the tail and colored the sleeves, also did some minor touch ups. 


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hey there, nice to meet you. That is me and that plane is my one of my best friends. Other than working towards my pilots license I like to play video games and watch pewdiepie or Tobuscus pee themselves playing Amnesia. If you want any more info you can speak to my secretary Caroline. Say hi to the people Caroline!

Hi to the people Caroline!

She is a gem...

Favourite genre of music: Misc.
Favourite style of art: cartoon
Operating System: Windows 7 professional.
Favourite cartoon character: Kamina (TTGL)
Personal Quote: "Keep thy airspeed up, lest the ground come beneath and smite thee.


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