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Kaio-ken Kyukyoku (Edit) by planetrix15
Kaio-ken Kyukyoku (Edit)
Breaker in his CSSJ form using a technique called Kaio-ken KyuKyoku or Kaio-ken Ultimate. It works like Kaio-ken in that it boosts the power of the user but differs a great deal in its exaction. The technique will apply a x2 boost upon activation but as time passes it will boost the users power exponentially, however after each boost the time until the next also increases exponentially. It works like this...

Let's say you start with the same base power level as Goku at the start of DBZ, 334. After Kyukyoku is activated your power level is 668, after say 2 minutes a x4 boost is applied raising your power level to 2,672 (668x4), after 4 minutes (2 mins squared) a you power level becomes 21,376 (2,672x8), 16 mins a x64 multiplier (up to 1,368,064), after 256 mins a 4096 (up to 5,603,590,144), and so and so on. The time between boosts is not fixed but is based on the starting power level of the user, generally a lower base power level means shorter times between boosts. This means that very powerful people will quickly reach incredibly long times between boosts, it is possible to shorten the time but doing so requires a lot of concentration and there for it is hard to do so during battle. 

While this may sound like a crazily overpowered technique it is also quite risky, The strain placed on the body is directly related to the multiplier. Breaker himself nearly died when he attempted to push beyond a x8 multiplier, but doing so was what allowed him to attain Crimson Super Saiyen. He continues to push himself, while he's never used Kaio-ken Kyukyoku in battle he spends a lot of time in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber pushing the technique to his limits and beyond. 

This took me forever to color and didn't have to patience or the foresight to color his skin, ah well all in good time.   

Edit: Added the tail and colored the sleeves, also did some minor touch ups. 
Breaker: Crimson Super Saiyan by planetrix15
Breaker: Crimson Super Saiyan
Breaker in his Super Saiyan 3 and Crimson Super Saiyan forms.

As he can't achieve Super Saiyan 4 he was able to push beyond SSJ3 into Crimson Super Saiyan (CSSJ) C
CSSJ is a step beyond SSJ4 and so could also be called SSJ5, however the physical changes merit a distinction between this and the preceding Super Saiyan forms.   
Breaker: Super Saiyan by planetrix15
Breaker: Super Saiyan
I usually avoid using the term "OC" as I've been conditioned to associate it with negativity, but in this case I'll make an exception.

This is Breaker my first OC. The name Breaker was actually created for a character inspired by History's Strongest Disciple: Kenichi. to cut a Long story short he was an American who had been street fighting since the age of 4. He earned the nickname "Breaker" as anyone who encountered him in battle ended up essentially broken, both in body and in spirit. This is Breaker in the Dragonball Universe, there are a few differences of course. He is not technically a pure Saiyan, rather he is the result of Vegeta's blood being passed through generations. He lives decades after both Goku's and Vegeta's timelines. He does have a tail but he does not possess enough Saiyan blood to transform into a Great Ape, and so he is also incapable of achieving SSJ4 (Not arguing if it's cannon or not). He can however transform beyond SSJ3 into a form called Crimson Saiyan, witch I will get around to drawing sometime maybe perhaps....

I'm not gonna throw around power levels, it is suffice to say that he is a warrior on par with that of Goku or Vegeta in there prime.          
U.S.S. Alaska BB65 by planetrix15
U.S.S. Alaska BB65
Based on an alternate history.

During the Battle of Guadalcanal in 1942 the Japanese not only managed to hold on to the islands but even sank a majority of US Carriers in the area. They Achieved this by making full use of both the Yamato and the Musashi's long range fire advantage over Allied battleships. The two navies air wings fought for nearly the whole battle but neither was able to achieve or maintain air dominance. As a result the US Navy decided that carriers were not the most effective use of their resources and instead turned back to the battleship.

The Navy wanted a new battleship that was capable of out fighting anything the Japanese could come up with on top of that the ship had to avoid starting a new arms race with the Japanese. Upon review it was decided that the Montana Class currently in the line up was insufficient as it's 16 inch guns were still outclassed in terms of range by the Yamato. 

Enter the Alaska Class. The new "Super Battleship" Would be fitted with 15 19.1 inch cannons in 5 triple barrel turrets, complemented by 36 11 inch guns in 18 twin turrets. The ship would have the same anti-aircraft defenses as the Iowa bolstered even further by an additional 34 40 Bofors. The Armor on the ship remained classified for the duration of its service but was quoted at being "no less than 280mm"  with some estimates claiming more than 800mm maximum. The ship displaced 102,450 Long Tons making it the heaviest ship ever built, it ran 1,396 feet in length and had a draft of 45 feet and beam of 254 feet. It was the single largest moving construction ever created. Powered by 4 130,000 hp turbines with a combined hp of over 510,000hp the ship was able to reach 34kts despite its epic size.

One of the most notable features of the Alaska Class is the number 2 turret with is pointed backwards relevant to the number 1 and 3 turrets. This allowed for the number 1 and 2 turrets to share a loading elevator and reduce weight. It was considered that the reduction in forward firepower was acceptable as the Alaska was already capable of out gunning the Yamato with just 6 guns.

Each shell fired weighed of 2 tonns making a full broadside consist of 30 tonns of high explosive shells. while the Yamato put out less than 15 tonns. The Guns had a range of 45.2 miles, and with the 1943 refit could reach out to a full 50 miles. 

4 Alaska Class Battleships were ordered Starting with the Alaska and continuing with the Main, Washington, and one other yet to be named vessel. the First mission of the the U.S.S. Alaska BB65 would be the retaking of Guadalcanal.               

On a side note I would be willing to commission someone with vastly better skills than I to make a better image. Just send me a note if you're interested.  
DDF 1100 USS Boston: Boston Class Fleet Destroyer by planetrix15
DDF 1100 USS Boston: Boston Class Fleet Destroyer
Details of the ship in the picture, I've had this in my head for a while. If anyone who knows more about Navy Ships and their Systems wants to correct or add information let me know! :)


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Hey there, nice to meet you. That is me and that plane is my one of my best friends. Other than working towards my pilots license I like to play video games and watch pewdiepie or Tobuscus pee themselves playing Amnesia. If you want any more info you can speak to my secretary Caroline. Say hi to the people Caroline!

Hi to the people Caroline!

She is a gem...

Favourite genre of music: Misc.
Favourite style of art: cartoon
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Favourite cartoon character: Kamina (TTGL)
Personal Quote: "Keep thy airspeed up, lest the ground come beneath and smite thee.


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